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Generator Installation in Tigard, Oregon

In Tigard, Oregon, losing power can happen for various reasons like bad weather, human interference, or system overloads – it’s not that uncommon. And losing power doesn’t just mean losing lighting; things like temperature control and refrigeration, essential for safety and comfort, can also be affected. Getting the power back isn’t always a quick fix, and if it takes a while, the inconvenience can turn into a real disruption. When your home is left without its usual power access, having a reliable backup source becomes crucial to keep things running as smoothly as possible.

At Beaver Electric, we’ve got you covered when it comes to backup generator solutions. Our team offers installation and maintenance services to ensure you’re not left in the dark during outages or natural disasters. Having a generator means you can keep the lights on and power up your essentials, even when the grid is down. And if you’re an electric vehicle owner, it’s good to know that you’ll have a working EV charger, keeping your transportation ready.

Generator Installation Portland

When you choose Beaver Electric, you’re in the hands of experienced professionals who make sure your emergency backup generator system is up to code, from the right wiring to the perfect wattage. We make the whole process so smooth that you might hardly notice the switch to backup power!

Types of Generators

Portable Generators: Portable generators are incredibly convenient as they can be easily moved around, providing versatile power solutions for various applications. With the ability to offer temporary power to appliances and tools, portable generators are particularly useful during outdoor activities or emergency situations. They typically run on gasoline or propane, giving users flexibility in choosing their preferred fuel source. Compact and lightweight, these generators allow for quick setup and hassle-free transportation wherever power is needed.

Inverter Generators: Inverter generators produce clean and stable power, making them ideal for powering sensitive electronics and devices without the risk of damage. Known for their fuel efficiency, these generators adjust their engine speed based on the required load, conserving fuel and reducing overall noise levels. Compact and lightweight, inverter generators are highly portable, catering to the needs of camping, tailgating, or any on-the-go power requirements. With generally quieter operation compared to traditional generators, they are suitable for use in environments where noise is a concern.

Standby Generators: Standby generators are designed for automatic operation, seamlessly turning on when they detect a power outage to provide uninterrupted backup power. Typically installed permanently, they integrate with the home’s electrical system, capable of powering essential circuits or the entire house. Fueled by natural gas or propane, standby generators ensure a continuous and reliable fuel supply during extended outages. With higher wattage capacity compared to portable generators, they can support large appliances and HVAC systems, making them a robust solution for home backup power.

Generator Installation Hillsboro

The Installation Process

If you’re imagining a small, portable generator, you might assume installing it is a piece of cake. However, when it comes to permanent systems like standby generators, the installation process can be a bit more involved. That’s where a Beaver Electric professional comes in handy to ensure everything is set up correctly and safely. Our experts will assist you in getting the right permits, making sure the installation area is level, and confirming that all your home wiring meets the necessary codes. Need help choosing the best system for your home? Our electricians can guide you through factors like size, power requirements, the number of rooms and appliances you want to run, and the ideal location. Once you’ve picked a system and have a level area, our team will connect fuel lines and integrate your new generator into your home’s electrical system.

Generator Maintenance in Beaverton

Just like any other home system or appliance, your generator might run into issues due to not being used often, wear and tear, or other hidden problems. Whether you have a standby or portable generator for emergencies, a bit of yearly maintenance can make a big difference in keeping it up and running when you rely on it the most.

Common Generator Problems

When the power goes out at your Tigard, Oregon home, having a backup generator installed on your property can be a game-changer. Get in touch with us today for generator installation services, and we’ve got you covered for all your electrical needs – whether it’s electric repairs, remodeling, energy-efficient upgrades, or anything else!

Tigard Electricians Frequently Asked Questions

This is a very common question! When we perform electrical work, we pull the permits and if a check is required by a city or county, we take care to schedule it immediately after a job is completed.

Differing types of jobs may dictate the timing of our work. If the job is not dependent on other work being completed first, then we are free to schedule anytime that works for you. When the electrical work is done, we will then coordinate with you to time our work based off the schedules and the completed work of other contractors.

All of our electricians at Beaver Electric are not only regulated through the state of Oregon to ensure proper training but are also trained in appropriate etiquette. Our electricians will show up with a fully stocked truck, a clean uniform, and will always leave an area cleaner than what it previously was. Our workers are background checked and always friendly, kind, and respectful.

About Tigard, Oregon

Tigard, Oregon is a suburban of the Portland metropolitan area known for its outdoor recreation opportunities, shopping, and a community dedicated to music, hosting the only professional musical theatre company in the region. In 2007, it was declared to be Oregon’s 12th largest city, and is recommended to be one of the best cities for young professionals.

Elevation: 299’
Area: 11.81 mi2
Top Things to Do in Tigard:

Washington Square

Fanno Creek Trail

Public Art Walk

Tigard is known as one of the best Portland suburbs, with its safe neighborhoods, and great restaurants, shopping centers, and parks. Tigard is a great mix between urban and suburban living, and is a quick commute to larger cities, such as Portland.

Tigard is known for its shopping industry, with great locations such as Washington Square and Bridgeport Village. With no sales tax, many flock to this region to access its high-end shops and boutiques.

Tigard is 18 minutes away from Portland, making it only a 9.4 mi drive.

Driving Directions from Tigard, OR

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  5. At the traffic circle, take the 2nd exit onto SW River Rd
  6. Turn left onto OR-10 W
  7. Turn right onto OR-219 N – Destination will be on the left

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