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Appliance Installation

Whether you are moving into a brand-new home or are looking to make an upgrade, we provide installations for appliances in every part of your home. A new electric stove can improve the look and feel of your kitchen while making it easier and more enjoyable to cook. A new dishwasher will make tidying up the kitchen so much easier. A new high-efficiency dryer can make doing the laundry faster, quieter, and easier on your electricity bill. And having Beaver Electric handle the necessary wiring and installation for your new appliance will make your life a whole lot easier!

Installing these home appliances can be a tricky task and must be performed safely with a keen eye for every detail. Large appliances such as dryers and electric stoves run on 220-240 volts, higher than regular household outlets, and incorrectly installed wiring could damage the expensive new unit or be a fire hazard in your home. Safety is our priority, so we ensure the installation process is handled professionally. We want you to feel confident that your new appliance is going to operate the way it should without risking any damage to the appliance or your home.

Appliance Installation Electrician Beaverton Oregon

Here at Beaver Electric, we have over 35 years of experience and are electrical wiring experts! We take the time to ensure your home is up to code before installing the new appliance. Our licensed technicians inspect the wiring where your new appliance will go in order to guarantee the safest install. We will make sure that the job is done right, no matter what sort of appliance you are installing.

We provide appliance installation and wiring for the following: