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Generator Installation in Lake Oswego, Oregon

When you unexpectedly lose power at your Lake Oswego, Oregon home, it can be frustrating and unsafe. Without power, you lose lighting along with safety and comfort essentials, like HVAC systems and cold food storage. Whether due to the weather, humans, or system overloads, restoring power isn’t always a fast process.  Extended times without power at your residential property can quickly move from frustrating to highly disruptive. Beaver Electric has a solution for these bouts of power loss, offering you a backup energy source in the form of a generator.

Generator Installation Portland

Our generator installation and maintenance service ensures you can keep the lights on, no matter the weather. A generator on your property allows you to have a source of energy independent from the grid and can even power electric vehicle chargers to enable reliable transportation. We are your source for installing an emergency backup generator. With years of experience and training, our experts will ensure your system is up-to-code and wired correctly and safely. Don’t let a blackout stop you from your regular life; turn to Beaver Electric for a reliable power backup!

Types of Generators

Portable – Likely homeowners’ most commonly used backup generator system, portable generators are small, movable power solutions. They use gasoline, propane, natural gas, or diesel to run. Portable generators can not be run indoors; however, in some cases, they can be set up to power your circuit panel. Otherwise, appliances are typically plugged straight into the generator.

Inverter – Inverter generators operate with an electronic alternator and are smaller and quieter than a standard portable generator. Although more expensive than a portable generator, they produce cleaner power and are popular for RVs and campers and for more delicate devices like computers or medical equipment. Inverter generators run on gasoline, converting energy to alternating current (AC) for use by standard appliances.

Standby – Beaver Electric specializes in standby generators, a backup power solution that turns on automatically during a power failure. These systems are permanently installed in your home’s yard and are wired directly into your house, avoiding the time and energy of finding and setting up your generator. These extremely reliable generators are your best way to have long-lasting power when the grid goes down.

Generator Installation Hillsboro

Generator Installation in Lake Oswego

Standby generator installation is a much more complex process than setting up a minor system like a portable or inverter generator. Beaver Electric’s professionals ensure your new generator is installed correctly and safely. We will be there every step of the way, helping you pull the proper permits, ensuring you have a suitable level installation area, and performing a safety check on your home wiring. We are happy to help evaluate your home to find the best possible system, depending on factors such as home size and how much power will be needed to run appliances. After your chosen system is installed in an ideal location, we connect fuel and electrical lines, preparing your new generator to run when you need it most.

Generator Maintenance in Lake Oswego

Like your home’s appliances and HVAC system, a permanent standby generator needs regular maintenance. Wear-and-tear, lack of use, and other issues can have an unseen effect on the quality and reliability of your system. We recommend yearly maintenance to keep your generator running in case of an emergency.

Common Generator Problems

When your day is disrupted by a power outage, having a backup generator on your Lake Oswego property gives you peace of mind that you can power essential appliances. Contact us today for expert generator installation services.  We also provide additional electrical services such as electrical repairs, renovation assistance, smart doorbell installations, and much more!

Lake Oswego Electricians Frequently Asked Questions

This is a very common question! When we perform electrical work, we pull the permits and if a check is required by a city or county, we take care to schedule it immediately after a job is completed.

Differing types of jobs may dictate the timing of our work. If the job is not dependent on other work being completed first, then we are free to schedule anytime that works for you. When the electrical work is done, we will then coordinate with you to time our work based off the schedules and the completed work of other contractors.

All of our electricians at Beaver Electric are not only regulated through the state of Oregon to ensure proper training but are also trained in appropriate etiquette. Our electricians will show up with a fully stocked truck, a clean uniform, and will always leave an area cleaner than what it previously was. Our workers are background checked and always friendly, kind, and respectful.

About Lake Oswego, Oregon

Lake Oswego is a Portland suburb with a population of 39,476. Its gorgeous views of Oswego Lake, recreational opportunities, and plentiful shops and boutiques make it one of the most popular cities in the area. It’s a close-knit community that boasts the #1 ranked school district in the state, along with a top-rated library.

Elevation: 249’
Area: 11.44 mi2
Top Things to Do in Lake Oswego:

Lake Oswego Farmers Market

Oregon River Experiences

Lakewood Center For the Arts

Lake Oswego
Farmers Market

Oregon River

Lakewood Center
For The Arts

Lake Oswego has been ranked one of the best cities to live in by Money Magazine. Thanks to its close proximity to Portland, many residents are able to commute to work and still enjoy the safety and comfort of living in a smaller town. Lake Oswego is renowned for its beauty and excellent schools, making it a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

Lake Oswego is known for its excellent shopping, dining, and recreational activities. It offers a safe, beautifully planned downtown district with a wide variety of parks, outdoor areas, and golf courses. If you’re looking for a weekend out of the city, Lake Oswego is sure to be a destination that won’t disappoint.

Lake Oswego is 7.9 miles away from Portland, making it approximately a 16-minute drive.

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