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Electrical Maintenance

Regular electrical maintenance inspections are a smart and responsible way to keep your residential home safe and energy efficient. Beaver Electric is in the business of fulfilling maintenance requests, and we go above and beyond what our customers would expect from the average electrician!

Why Do I Need Electrical Maintenance?

Scheduling maintenance for your home’s electrical components saves energy and thus reduces costs and is an important step in preventing electrical problems down the line. In order to avoid huge repairs, our advice is to schedule regular maintenance on all your home electrical systems to ensure everything is running smoothly and efficiently.

If you aren’t trained, taking on your own electrical work can lead to injury and broken systems. Instead, trust a professional at Beaver Electrical to use their expertise to inspect, test, and repair your home electronics when they perform electrical maintenance.

Electrical Maintenance

Signs of Electrical Issues

Warning signs that something is wrong can include:

  • Blown fuses
  • Excess moisture
  • Unusual odors
  • Smoke
  • Signs of animals
  • Crackling, buzzing, or other noises
  • Wires or outlets that feel warm

Even if your electrical problem is small, it is never a good idea to ignore recurring electrical issues. We diagnose any electrical problem you may have and will get it up and running as it should.

Signs of Electrical Issues

Electrical issues can affect all parts of your property, but our team has the experience to perform the needed services to maintain your home, whether you have problems with:

If you notice unreliable electricity in your home, a lack of proper maintenance can lead to loss of power or high electricity bills. It can even cause emergencies such as power outages or electrical fires. Keep your family safe and comfortable with electrical maintenance. We have electrical knowledge that exceeds 35 years and are familiar with all the different types of residential electrical systems, indoor and outdoor. Our goal is to improve the safety and efficiency of the homes in our community!

Signs of Electrical Issues

When a Beaver Electrical electrician answers a call for electrical maintenance, they commonly service:

Our professionals replace faulty parts, test components, and determine if any electrical systems may cause further issues. We care about your home’s safety and electrical compliance, and our services are designed to detect any electrical hazards before they become an issue.

We pride ourselves in being able to provide electrical maintenance to the greater Portland Metro Area,  BeavertonTigardHillsboroAlohaLake OswegoSherwoodNewbergCorneliusForest Grove, and the surrounding neighborhoods. Our promise to you is that our technicians will arrive on time and treat you and your home with respect. As well-trained professionals, integrity is important to us, and we guarantee to do an accurate assessment. Give us a call to book your appointment today!