About Us

When did North Valley Electric open?

Ron Kirsch and Brad Benson started North Valley Electric in 2010 with a vision for commercial and industrial construction and service. After doing many commercial projects, Ron realized he needed to return to his roots as an electrician and do more service. With 45 years of experience in the electrical service field, the transition has been well worth the endeavor.

How long has Beaver Electric been open? Why did you rebrand?

In 2016, North Valley Electric, with the help of Louvre Media, became Beaver Electric. We decided to shift our business focus away from commercial and industrial construction to a service company, adding residential services into our business model. This would allow us to serve the electrical needs of our fellow neighbors and the communities. In 2018 we began a shift in our business model that would lead us to be an exclusive residential service provider.

Beaver Electric Local Electrician - Beaver Electric Van

What changes in electrical work have you noticed over the years?

Electricity hasn’t changed a whole lot throughout the years. We still install receptacles, lights, and power-up equipment. Safety, however, has changed how electricity is used. Ground Fault Interrupters and Fire Guard Breakers (Arc Fault) have made electricity more useful. The advancement in LED has also led to higher energy efficiency and less expensive maintenance. The advancement of solar is the next big level of growth in the future, with electric vehicles becoming more prevalent and backup battery systems becoming more viable. With the continued failure of the existing, aging, power grid, micropower systems and solar power generators will be the future of residential power generation.

What are some challenges you go through as an electrical company?

The biggest challenge we face is the number of electricians available to help meet customers’ needs. The number of electricians in the field has rapidly decreased in the past twenty years and is currently growing by only two percent each year. We want to serve everybody as quickly as possible of course, but the best way for growth is through raising your own. It is a slow process but is more efficient for the quality of service we strive to provide. This makes it difficult for us to tell people they have to wait – we want to help everyone who contacts us!

What makes you a team?

Here at Beaver Electric, our core value is to continually build each other, our customers, our company, and the community to great success. We all take this to heart and know that each one of us here plays an important role in each other’s success. We strive to be stringent in our hiring practices, and when individuals apply for employment, we always tell them “we are a family, we hire for life, and we want the best in what we do.” Without the entire team, our individual success would be non-existent.

Why do you love providing electrical services to your customers?

We develop attitudes in our employees to serve. We serve our customers first and foremost, we serve our co-workers, and we serve our community. We love what we do, we love where we work, and we love each other. That’s what makes us a family. It truly is a satisfying feeling for us, as individuals and as a company, to have a happy customer experience and a satisfied customer when the job is done.

Where do you see yourselves in the future?

We see a bigger company. By June of 2023, we will have 6 technicians and trucks serving the community, which will be doubling our current size. We will continue to grow our crew by sustained growth (growth from within) and always looking to add high-quality electricians to our team. The residential service market is only going to grow with the continued growth of electrical vehicles and micropower systems.

What’s an example where Beaver Electric has shown integrity?

The hardest thing to do is to stand by our warranty, which is the best in the market. If we can not satisfy our customers 100% then they don’t have to pay. Very few times have we had to do that, but we will if we must. We live up to our mistakes and fix what we can, with no added cost to our customers.