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Generator Installation in Aloha, Oregon

When the Aloha, Oregon, area is hit by storms or local power systems are overloaded, the resulting power outage can be stressful and frustrating. A home without power means a lack of access to systems you use every day, including your heating and cooling, home appliances, and home lighting. When an outage stretches into hours or days of no power, it quickly changes from a disruption to a safety issue because of problems maintaining temperature, keeping food from spoiling, or accessing water.

Beaver Electric has a solution to emergency power outages that makes them less stressful. We provide backup generator installation and maintenance to give you backup power when you need it most. Depending on the type of generator you have on your property, your regular routine can remain nearly uninterrupted until you are able to access the grid again.

Generator Installation Portland

Backup generators can also charge your electric vehicle, allowing you reliable access to transportation in the event of an emergency. The expert electricians at Beaver Electric are your go-to when you have an emergency outage and can help you prepare by installing a generator on your property. We use our years of experience to ensure your newly installed generator is up to code, is the correct wattage for your home appliances, and is a system you can rely on.

Types of Generators on the Market

Portable Generators: Portable generators are a temporary solution for short-term power. Popular for camping and tailgating, these generators are small and easy to move. They require frequent refueling with either gas, propane, or diesel and must be kept away from enclosed structures. In most cases, your appliance plugs directly into an outlet on the portable generator; however, in some cases, portable generators can power your circuit panel.

Inverter Generators: Running off a gasoline engine, inverter generators are another type of portable generator that is smaller and quieter than portable generators. They convert the gasoline engine’s power to alternating current or AC, which home appliances can then utilize. Although more expensive than traditional portable systems, inverter generators can run on less fuel and can be a safer option for medical devices and computers.

Standby Generators: Beaver Electric recommends and specializes in standby generator installation. These generators are permanently installed on your property and connect to your home’s electrical panel. Offering supreme reliability, your electrical system will automatically switch to the standby generator, eliminating the need to set up a portable generator or plug-in appliances.

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Installing a Generator in Aloha

Adding a generator to your Aloha home requires an expert touch. Generators must not allow “backfeeding”, or when electrical energy flows in the wrong direction into the power system and causes unsafe conditions. Our team of professionals will ensure installation is done correctly and that your generator works safely. During installation, we will inspect your home’s wiring and ensure the installation area for a standby generator is level. We can assist you with choosing the correct generator for your home needs and ensuring you have the correct permits pulled. Once your generator is situated on your property, our insured electricians will connect it to your electrical system, and you’ll be left with a safe and reliable backup power source.

Preventative Generator Maintenance

An important part of owning a generator is regular maintenance. Preventative maintenance lets you know your generator is still operating safely and that it will perform in an emergency. Unseen problems, such as wear-and-tear, lack of use, or expired fuel, may mean your generator won’t work when you need it. A regular check-up from Beaver Electric allows peace of mind that when your home loses power, you are not left in the dark.

Reasons a Generator Stops Working

Make an Aloha power outage a breeze with a backup generator installation and maintenance service from Beaver Electric. Schedule your generator appointment today, and any other home electrical projects you need, such as appliance installation, energy-efficient upgrades, or electric repairs.

Aloha Electricians Frequently Asked Questions

This is a very common question! When we perform electrical work, we pull the permits and if a check is required by a city or county, we take care to schedule it immediately after a job is completed.

Differing types of jobs may dictate the timing of our work. If the job is not dependent on other work being completed first, then we are free to schedule anytime that works for you. When the electrical work is done, we will then coordinate with you to time our work based off the schedules and the completed work of other contractors.

All of our electricians at Beaver Electric are not only regulated through the state of Oregon to ensure proper training but are also trained in appropriate etiquette. Our electricians will show up with a fully stocked truck, a clean uniform, and will always leave an area cleaner than what it previously was. Our workers are background checked and always friendly, kind, and respectful.

About Aloha, Oregon

Aloha (pronounce Uh-LOW-uh) is a census-designated area and suburb of Portland in Washington County, Oregon. As of the 2010 Census, the population was noted at 49,425. The population is continuously increasing due to the convenient distance from Portland and the comfortable suburban feel. 

Elevation: 213 feet
Area: 7.4 mi2
Top Things to Do in Aloha:
Harvey The Giant Rabbit
The Reserve Vineyard & Golf Club
M. E. Blanton House

Harvey The
Giant Rabbit

The Reserve
Vineyard & Golf Club

M. E. Blanton

Aloha of Washington County is currently #20 in Best Suburbs to Raise a Family in Oregon, according to Niche. In Aloha you can enjoy an abundance of parks, coffee shops, and outdoor activities. It’s a great place to raise a family with public schools that rank above average, a positive job market, and  reasonable real estate

Aloha is a a suburb of Portland, and is known for being a dense suburban community with easy city access. It is also home to one of the regions most prestigious gold courses. It is mostly know, however, for the name’s unusual pronunciation. Most people want to say Aloha like the Hawaiian greeting, but it is actually pronounced uh-LOW-uh, and it is unknown why that is. 

The distance between Aloha and Portland is about 11 miles.

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