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Energy-Efficient Upgrades

Beaver Electric offers residential upgrades to improve the energy efficiency in your home. By upgrading your home, you are able to use less energy which will end up saving you money. We care about the environment as well as your electric bill, and we want to make sure we are doing what we can to save as much energy as possible. That is why we use energy-efficient products as a strategy to reducing your electricity use and to improve the overall efficiency in your home.

If you are in Lake Oswego, Tigard, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Newberg, Cornelius, Aloha, Forest Grove, Sherwood, or the surrounding Portland Metro area, we can upgrade your home! We proudly serve our community and provide expert electrical upgrades for greener energy consumption. Beaver Electric will help you plan out what upgrades your home specifically needs in order to have the most energy-efficient residency possible. With 35 years of experience, we are knowledgeable in all things electric, and are eager to pass on that knowledge to you.

There are many ways you can save energy consumption in your home. Something as simple as replacing your incandescent bulbs with more energy-efficient bulbs such as fluorescent or LED can go a long way to improving your home. We are also capable of installing energy saving devices into your home, such as timers for your outlets and dimmer controls on your lights. With these energy efficient products, we can guarantee low energy bills while providing the same level of performance. These are upgrades that you and your wallet will love!

Energy-Efficient Upgrades

Energy Efficient Lightbulbs

LED lights, or (light-omitting-diodes) are being used more and more frequently due to their low cost, and proficiency in saving energy. According to the US’s Department of Energy, the majority of lighting fixtures in 2035 are estimated to use LED lighting. LED lights use very little heat, not only making them safer to use, but allowing them to last 25 times longer and 75% more efficiently than the average bulb. Get ahead of the game- contact Beaver Electric to install LED lighting within your home today!

LED lights are great for:

  • Under-cabinet lighting
  • Outdoor walkways
  • Recessed downlights
  • Bedrooms
  • Vanities
  • Holiday lights
  • Lamps

Why Beaver Electric?

Beaver Electric has gained an excellent reputation due to our successful work and professionalism. Our electricians are here to answer all of your questions and will offer upfront pricing, so that you always know what the cost will be- before we start.

Here at Beaver Electric, we:

  • Will help you save money and energy
  • Will answer all your questions regarding energy efficiency
  • Will help you choose the appropriate energy-efficient products for your home
  • Will offer excellent repair, installation, and maintenance to keep your home in good hands.

Contact us today at 502-992-0195 and see why we’re the best in the business! After an appointment with us, your home will be back in great hands.