Heating & AC Installation

If your home is not maintaining the correct temperature and you need a new unit installed, you have come to the right place! The licensed electricians at Beaver Electric specialize in installing water heaters, heating units, and air conditioner units in residential homes. Having a dedicated professional will help take the burden off you as you look to upgrade your home! These installs involve an expensive appliance and oftentimes complicated electrical wiring, so why not trust the experts to do the job right?

We ensure the installation process is handled carefully and professionally, so you can be happy with your new fully functioning appliance. No matter how your home is wired, our electricians have the experience to install any unit into any home. We proudly service the greater Portland Metro Area, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Tigard, Lake Oswego, and the surrounding communities. If something ever goes wrong with your new unit, we provide emergency services when you need them.

Heating and AC Installation - Hand on home thermostat

A new electric water heater, heating unit, or AC unit can be a great way to improve the comfort of your home. However, large appliances such as water heaters, furnaces and AC units run on 220 volts, higher than regular household outlets. Incorrectly installed wiring could damage the expensive new unit or be a dangerous fire hazard. Here at Beaver Electric, we have over 35 years of experience and take the safety of our install projects seriously! We will make sure that the job is done right, no matter what sort of system you are installing.

We are experienced professionals who believe in upfront pricing with no hidden fees! If you are curious about our pricing, give us a call and we will provide an estimate for your project over the phone! Call Beaver Electric today and schedule an appointment for your next big install project!