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Hillsboro, Oregon Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

Hillsboro’s Leading Company for Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

Rising gas prices, concern for the environment, and the growing variety of options for electric and hybrid vehicles have made them a popular choice for Oregonians. Hillsboro itself was one of the first cities in Oregon to adopt the installation of public charging stations widely. Although access to public charging is relatively abundant in the Hillsboro area, it’s not always the most convenient option for electric vehicle owners. Installing an electric vehicle charger at home makes it a breeze to keep your battery full and can be better for your car’s battery, cheaper in the long run, and even increase your property value. Beaver Electric’s residential electric services include home EV charging station installation services, so you don’t have to spend time driving around town to the nearest compatible charger.

Hillsboro, OR Residential Installation

Working with a professional electrician for a residential EV charger installation is essential to ensure it is done correctly and safely. Beaver Electric is happy to work with you to find the perfect spot for your new charger. Whether you want to reach the car you park inside your garage or on your driveway, we’ll help you find a charging location that works for your routine and how your home’s electricity functions. Not only does Beaver Electric install electric charging equipment, but we can also add a correct voltage outlet if there isn’t one, review charging options with you, and install timers to save energy. If you’d like to make keeping your all-electric or hybrid vehicle charged as easy as plugging it in overnight, contact Beaver Electric for professional installation done right.

Beaver Electric is experienced in installing all types of EV chargers, with the one your home needs depending on your vehicle’s make and model. We most commonly add Level 1 and Level 2 chargers.

Level 1 Charging Stations

Level 1 charging stations are the most common and most accessible chargers to use. They charge the equivalent of around 4 to 5 miles each hour, making them a sound option for short trips. Level 1 chargers are often chosen for economic reasons since they are the most affordable option.

Level 2 Charging Stations

Level 2 chargers are the most common public charging station found in Hillsboro, OR. They can charge up to 5x faster than a standard outlet and charge much faster than Level 1 stations, charging the equivalent of 20 to 65 miles per hour. Beaver Electric recommends a Level 2 charging station for frequent drivers; however, they require a unique outlet. The requirement of a special outlet, alongside its complexity in installation, necessitates professional help.

Rebates for Hillsboro, OR Residents

Oregon’s Zero Emission Vehicle Plan strives to decrease the amount of greenhouse gases Oregon residents emit from their vehicles. Hillsboro, OR, residents can participate in rebate programs by purchasing or leasing an electric car or installing a charging station at their home. Federal tax incentives are available to those who have purchased an electric vehicle, as well as dwellings. Portland General Electric offers rewards for buying and installing a Level 2 charger. Oregon also offers the Oregon Clean Vehicle Rebate and the Oregon Charge Ahead Rebate; however, as of May 1, 2023, those programs are temporarily suspended. If you are a Hillsboro, OR, resident who has purchased or leased an electric vehicle in the last six months, you should prioritize looking into your rebate options. Beaver Electric’s team is happy to guide you through the options you may be eligible for.

Call Beaver Electric when you need electric vehicle charger installation or any other residential electrical services, such as electrical repairs, remodeling help, or new lighting.  

Hillsboro Electricians Frequently Asked Questions

This is a very common question! When we perform electrical work, we pull the permits and if a check is required by a city or county, we take care to schedule it immediately after a job is completed.

Differing types of jobs may dictate the timing of our work. If the job is not dependent on other work being completed first, then we are free to schedule anytime that works for you. When the electrical work is done, we will then coordinate with you to time our work based off the schedules and the completed work of other contractors.

All of our electricians at Beaver Electric are not only regulated through the state of Oregon to ensure proper training but are also trained in appropriate etiquette. Our electricians will show up with a fully stocked truck, a clean uniform, and will always leave an area cleaner than what it previously was. Our workers are background checked and always friendly, kind, and respectful.

About Hillsboro, Oregon

Hillsboro is a Portland suburb with a population of 106,447, making it the fifth-largest city in Oregon. It is well known for its high-tech industries which bring thousands of workers to the area. Thanks to its connection to the MAX light rail, traveling to Portland, Beaverton, and other larger metro areas is easy. Overall, Hillsboro is a perfect blend of both suburban living and urban amenities. Come enjoy their wines, beers, and even catch a Hillsboro Hops minor league baseball game!

Elevation: 194’
Area: 25.86 mi2
Top Things to Do in Beaverton:

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Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals

Ron Tonkin Field

Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks & Minerals

Ron Tonkin

Hillsboro is a popular suburb within the Portland metro area, thanks to its cheap living options, and quick access to Portland. Located on the western side of the Portland metro area, it is a quick commute to other cities and roughly over an hour’s drive from the Oregon Coast. In 2010, CNN Money Magazine ranked Hillsboro as one of the best cities to live in.

Hillsboro has a booming tech industry, earning it the local label of “The Silicon Forest.” Intel is the largest employer in the area, with three separate campuses and over 20,000 employees. Hillsboro is also home to a minor-league baseball team, The Hillsboro Hops.

Hillsboro is 20.7 miles away from Portland, making it about a 34-minute drive.