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Beaverton, Oregon Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

Electric Vehicle Charger Installation by one of Beaverton’s Leading Electric Companies

Electric vehicles are growing in popularity across Oregon, coming in as the state with the second most electric vehicle sales in the US. Oregon is known for being eco-friendly, which lends itself to access to public charging stations across the state, including many stations in Beaverton. Although these stations are available, relying on them for charging can be inconvenient. Charging EVs at home doesn’t have to be a luxury; Beaver Electric specializes in EV home charger installation. Save time, have a charged vehicle when needed, and avoid the headache of using a public station with residential electrical services, including electric vehicle charger installation for your property.

A home EV charger installation means you ensure you always have access to the correct type of charger for your vehicle. It also lessens the competition for charger spots that are open to the public. You’ll never have to worry that you can’t find a charger when you need one or plan your day around charging your vehicle.

Residential Installation in Beaverton, OR

At Beaver Electric, we understand the importance of a correctly installed EV home charger station and are committed to ensuring that your installation is completed safely and correctly. Whether you want your new charging station installed in your garage, next to your driveway, or elsewhere on your property, we will guide you through determining what installation location works best for you and prioritize understanding your home’s existing electricity system. Contact Beaver Electric if you are interested in charging EVs at home, and we will handle all the installation details, including adding an outlet if needed. We can even help you make energy-efficient upgrades, such as adding outlet timers.

We install all types of EV charging stations, the most common being Level 1 and Level 2.

Level 1 Charging Stations

Level 1 chargers usually require a whole night to charge your vehicle fully. They charge around 4 or 5 miles each hour. A slower charge rate makes them more convenient for shorter commutes and less frequent trips. These chargers are the most common ones we install since they are economical to install and easy to use.

Level 2 Charging Stations

These chargers are a step up from Level 1 Chargers. They charge vehicles much faster, from 20 to 65 miles per hour, making them an excellent option for homeowners who drive frequently. Level 2 charging stations require a unique outlet, making installation more complex.

Rebates for Beaverton, OR Residents

Beaverton, OR, residents can qualify for a cash rebate when they purchase or lease an electric vehicle. The rebate is part of Oregon’s Zero Emission Vehicle Plan, which aims to get more zero-emission vehicles on Oregon’s roads and keep Oregon green. Rebate qualifications and availability can change; if you have purchased or leased a vehicle within the last six months, you should prioritize applying for the rebate.

Beaver Electric proudly supports Beaverton with electrical services, including electric vehicle charger installation. We are happy to answer your questions about EV charger installation or other residential electrical services you need. Reach out at 503-992-0195 or send us a message online.

Beaverton Electricians Frequently Asked Questions

This is a very common question! When we perform electrical work, we pull the permits and if a check is required by a city or county, we take care to schedule it immediately after a job is completed.

Differing types of jobs may dictate the timing of our work. If the job is not dependent on other work being completed first, then we are free to schedule anytime that works for you. When the electrical work is done, we will then coordinate with you to time our work based off the schedules and the completed work of other contractors.

All of our electricians at Beaver Electric are not only regulated through the state of Oregon to ensure proper training but are also trained in appropriate etiquette. Our electricians will show up with a fully stocked truck, a clean uniform, and will always leave an area cleaner than what it previously was. Our workers are background checked and always friendly, kind, and respectful.

About Beaverton, Oregon

Beaverton, located in Washington County, is one of the main cities that make up the Portland Metro area. The Portland downtown area is easily accessible to Beaverton residents thanks to the MAX Light Rail system, with both the Red and Blue lines running between the two cities.
Elevation: 190’
Area: 19.58 mi2
Top Things to Do in Beaverton:
Tualatin Hills Nature Center
Jenkins Estate
Hiking Trails

Tualatin Hills
Nature Center



Noted as the #12 Best Suburbs to Live in Oregon, Beaverton is considered a great place to live. There is a seemingly endless amount of cafes, bars, restaurants, and parks for you to enjoy with friends and family. The public schools are highly rated and it has easy access to the Portland downtown area. 

Beaverton is well-known for being the popular neighbor of Portland. Its many wineries, restaurants, parks, and shopping options make it a hot spot for people in the Portland Metro area. It is also well-known for being the location of Nike’s global headquarters. 

Beaverton is located 7 miles west of Portland.

Driving Directions from Beaverton, OR

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  5. Destination will be on the right

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