Water Heater Installation

There are different types of water heaters, some gas and some electric, and some water heaters are the traditional type of tank water heater and some are a newer on-demand water heater. Electric water heaters need to be installed by a licensed and certified electrician and some of the gas water heaters may need electrical connections as well (this depends on the type of gas water heater.) Some gas water heaters use an electric pilot light and can work as they do not rely on the main electricity. However, if there is a power cord plugged into your gas water heater, it is likely the gas water heater depends on electricity to function. Most areas of the Portland metro area require a licensed electrician, like Beaver Electric, to install electric water heaters. Pending on the job, a permit may also be required and there are very specific regulations on what and when permits are needed, including possibly a final inspection. As a licensed electrician in the State of Oregon, Beaver Electric understands the permitting and inspections required by the State and will handle this part of the process if it is needed.

Water Heater Installations - Shower head pouring water

If you are looking to purchase your own water heater, you may need our help in the electrical service needed to be done. A homeowner may be able to do the work under specific scenarios in the State of Oregon but may still need the proper permits and inspections as required by law.

We work with many plumbers in the Portland Metro area to help with water heater installation as not all plumbers can perform this work on their own. We have plumbers we recommend as well and we only work with licensed plumbers in the State of Oregon, to ensure all codes are being met and we are working with a company with a solid reputation.

If you have questions about your water heater and the electrical system providing electricity to this, give us a call with your questions and we will be able to get someone to answer your questions. You can also send us a message and we’ll get back to you.